This is my perspective. In any way, I do not to impose negative things to the universities involved.

Ateneo, is my sought after university ever since I graduate my bachelor’s degree in their neighbor College, Miriam College. For the four years I studied in my college, I  dreamed of pursuing  higher studies in Ateneo. As Ateneo offers one of the best curriculum and most prestigious program in Psychology, I knew that I will be an Ateneo student.

Summer of 2016, I applied for Masters in Ateneo. The entrance examination was fatal and brutal. Thank God, I passed that one. Two weeks after I got an email indicating that I was scheduled for an interview. My poor little heart jumped for joy. On the day of the interview, I was asked to reconsider for Industrial Psychology as I initially applied for Counseling Psychology. It went downhill from there. I have no time reckon my thoughts between choosing between the two branches of Psychology, and I was denied to enter Ateneo. IMAGINE MY MISERY.

The following semester, I tried UST. Lo-and-behold, I got accepted. I’m in my first term now. Do not get me wrong, UST is excellent but it is not Ateneo. The crowd are different. The way people interact is not the Atenean way. The environment is far from each other, let alone the trees in Katipunan, now I walk in the pollution of España. The thoughts and ideologist of both schools are aligned but parallel in execution. Even the religious orders are different, from Jesuit to Dominicans.

As much I wanted to be a part of the Ateneo community, I am now part of the Thomasian way. Needless to say, UST is one of the best, I need to work hard to succeed with my endeavors. I need to in vibe in me the Thomasian Spirit.




Ever since the world began, I have been very skeptical and pessimistic about where my love life will go into. I found somebody and then fall head over heels to him. I fantasized my life with him. I feel their love and even before we officially get together, I feel awkward. I had been a cycle. I am not sure if there’s something wrong with me or we aren’t meant to be.

However, I met a guy and for this guy, I really want things to be different. I don’t want to write negative post for him or about him. I don’t want to think destructive thoughts about him, with him or anything related to him. I don’t want to see myself go through all the grumpiness and sadness because of a guy. Above everyone, I say that for him, it’s different. I remember the first day I saw him. It was in the church rectory and he was wearing a yellow loose shirt. The first thought that came into my mind was “Boy, he was old.” (well, I was 19 that time) And, that was the time I joined a community. I thought what had I joined myself into? Continue reading “You.”


So, okey, it’s my turn to tell the tips! Since, I already took the NMAT. I’ll make the tips simple as possible.


National medical admission test- consist of 2 parts. The test in the morning tests your Verbal Skills, Perceptual Acuity, Quantitative Skill, and Inductive Reasoning. The afternoon test consist of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Social Science.

Years/Months before NMAT

1. THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: STUDY WELL IN YOUR UNDERGRADUATE LIFE. Most of the question are thought in the undergraduate subject, if you are enrolled in a pre-medicine program. This is highly applicable for the test in the afternoon. YOU CANNOT, remember, YOU CANNOT study the four big subject in the matter of weeks or days. It would be your best weapon if can retain your previous topics. You would have to review it when the NMAT is nearing.

2. Last minute cramming can’t help you. Trust me.

3. Build on your weakness. The first part is something that you can’t totally review, you need to enhance your skill. For perceptual acuity and inductive reasoning, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. For quantitative part, review BASIC MATH. It seems idiotic but you’ll be surprise on how you don’t know how to answer simple math question that you can answer in high school. For verbal part, it helps to be a wide reader because some of the words are highfalutin that seems to not exist.

4. Don’t neglect your strengths. Do not be overconfident on what you think is the easiest for you.

5. Pay early for the registration so you may download the practice set. IT IS A MUST TO ANSWER THE PRACTICE SET! The practice set may not be like the one in your exam proper but it gives you the idea on how to answer and what to expect on the test proper. Some say that usually, the practice set is very similar to the exam but mine wasn’t so I am not really sure.

6. CREATE a strategy. It seems weird that you would create a strategy but it is helpful to create what part of the test to take first, how many minutes to give (you may not follow what the proctoc say about the advise time), and strategize what items to leave blank then return if it takes ample of time. This would give you an edge in time management. I tell you, TIME IS GOLDEN when taking the NMAT. Some finish ahead while many do not. Many considers the exam time pressured.

7. NMAT IS NOT ONLY AN INTELLIGENCE TEST. Take it very seriously especially if you are so confident on the part 2. You will be ranked according to percentile, who got the highest or lowest. Afterwards, the said rank will be given to ALL medical schools in the Philippines.

8. AIM HIGH. Don’t mind the people if they say the coveted 99+ is too high!

Tips the night or days and during before the NMAT


2. DO NOT STUDY THE NIGHT BEFORE. DO NOT!!!! or even in the break

3. Eat breakfast and bring packed lunch. Believe the stall and fast food will be filled with long lines during the exam.

4. Bring water, watch, jacket, eraser. sharpener and 2 pencils.

5. it is alright to be nervous but don’t let it overwhelm you. Channel it to a positive emotion and hope.