The world have known me for the 23 years but I am still walking in this world searching for my place. I am full of idealism that one day I could work in a skyscraper and my name would have an prefix of Dr. I still am crawling my way up the ladder to fly to where I am supposed to be. In my spare time, I serve to the lord with a mediocre voice he has given me and every time a sound is produce for him, my voice transform.

I had my mischiefs and still overthinks things. It was one of the reasons that made me put up this blog. I rant things in this blog to help me cope or I just post for the sake of having an outlet (I do have my friends but I feel more comfortable in typing whatever I am feeling.).

However, keep in mind that I am still taking time transitioning from my teenage years to young adulthood. I still am a closet fan of One Direction (although I said it here which is quite Ironic). I watch those chick flick and cry every time. I still feel the butterfly in my stomach that kind of puppy love. Above all those other stuffs, I still laugh at Timmy Turner. Many things are ahead of me and I am just taking time to experience all sorts of wonderful things.

| PH | Psycho|  Dreamer|

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