This is my perspective. In any way, I do not to impose negative things to the universities involved.

Ateneo, is my sought after university ever since I graduate my bachelor’s degree in their neighbor College, Miriam College. For the four years I studied in my college, I  dreamed of pursuing  higher studies in Ateneo. As Ateneo offers one of the best curriculum and most prestigious program in Psychology, I knew that I will be an Ateneo student.

Summer of 2016, I applied for Masters in Ateneo. The entrance examination was fatal and brutal. Thank God, I passed that one. Two weeks after I got an email indicating that I was scheduled for an interview. My poor little heart jumped for joy. On the day of the interview, I was asked to reconsider for Industrial Psychology as I initially applied for Counseling Psychology. It went downhill from there. I have no time reckon my thoughts between choosing between the two branches of Psychology, and I was denied to enter Ateneo. IMAGINE MY MISERY.

The following semester, I tried UST. Lo-and-behold, I got accepted. I’m in my first term now. Do not get me wrong, UST is excellent but it is not Ateneo. The crowd are different. The way people interact is not the Atenean way. The environment is far from each other, let alone the trees in Katipunan, now I walk in the pollution of España. The thoughts and ideologist of both schools are aligned but parallel in execution. Even the religious orders are different, from Jesuit to Dominicans.

As much I wanted to be a part of the Ateneo community, I am now part of the Thomasian way. Needless to say, UST is one of the best, I need to work hard to succeed with my endeavors. I need to in vibe in me the Thomasian Spirit.




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