When I was in California, I stayed in my Uncle’s place in San Francisco and I needed to move to my auntie’s place in Los Angeles. My uncle decided that I had limited time for vacation in the state that he shouldered the expenses in plane fare towards LA. I would be too costly, time speaking, for me to drive all the way to LA. It will be my first time to ride a plane alone. Do you that feeling of your first ride? The feeling that you might board the wrong flight, that all your luggage may loaded in a different plane or the worst I thought of was, what if this plane crashed and I had nobody with me.

What I felt there is what I am feeling right now. I felt that I am too overwhelmed with life and need to be where I should be. I am young, I know but, I am skeptical about life. I am anxious of all the things that are happening in my life. Have I mentioned that I am very much an over-thinker? I often think things that are either absurd or farfetched, and very much consume, myself with all that thoughts.

I think that I have a low self-esteem. As shown in how I perceived myself with him (that I won’t tackle) and in my acceptance in all things that is happening to me right now.

I literally want to go to where I am going and get off this plane.

(I know that this post is very vague, and I tend to)


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