I see your true self now. You are a big P-L-A-S-T-I-C. You have keep on saying that as a grown-up it is better to be someone who would rather keep quiet than say what you feel. I know at times it’s what grown-ups do. You added it’s being mature. But, there is a thin fine line between being inauthentic to being a mature grown-up. I strongly believe that you my friend have crossed that line. You keep on saying things about that person. However, where are you now? You said that once a friend broke something within your friendship whether trust, feeling or alike, you find it hard to bring it back. It’s what I don’t get about you. It might be that I truly don’t glimpse the bigger picture of your personality. I may have seen only your good side, you hide your shadow in a very good way.

Today, I gave up on our friendship not because I don’t like you. I will still be here physically but no more feelings of being someone who would stick up to you. I remember what our professor said, that to drop everything that would strike in your back and brings you down, sadness and sense of nothingness. Keeping you as my friend brings more negativity than positivity. It sucks. Goodbye.

I was, genuinely glad to be part of your life and you to be part of my life. It sure was happy and bliss while it lasted. I guess this is better. It is sad. You were a big part of my WHOLE life but I guess some things do not really last. I never thought that this would be the friendship I have to cut. It’s better for me than to keep pushing my self to you.

Not your friend anymore.


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