The greatest perils of life is not to find a friend in a journey. I remember when I was young I use to have Ayu. Let’s say, she was the bestest of bestest (Yes, bestest, I was a child then) friend I had ever made. She was beautiful, intelligent, kind and would always stick by me. The only problem with her is that she was not real. I pretty had her around for years. I never really knew when we lost contact. Probably, around the last years of middle school. When I eventually had a real and tangible friend.

I can enumerate my first friends. Whether they were a good friend or the friends that made me feel worst about life, really gave me a lot of things to ponder on. They were all there for a reasons to grow. I am an introvert. It takes an ample amount of effort for me to start a good conversation. Don’t take me wrong, I love my friends. However, over-due exposures are vexatious to my soul. I start to over-think stuffs. Something, like that, I am weird. I know.

For that reason, I am very choosy of my friends and protective. There some friends that I like to be around with. Comfortable silence as I put it, is very enough for me when I am with them. I only achieve it with some people. I don’t become anxious when they are around.

It is very few actually, now that I think of it. There is jeremy, cat and justin (from choir and I’m not even considering him!), 4 (God, I don’t consider BGZ), and BESH (Sadly, not every one of them). It is around ten. These people, I can survive with if ever zombie apocalypse happens!

It is for the same reason, why I love hanging out with SOME of the BESH even if I live far away. I soothes me. In simpler terms, THEY ARE BLISS.

Ang daldal ko, pero ito lang talaga dapat laman ng post na ‘to eh. So, today my college friends planned that we eat in this infamous eatery!

Not my photo

It is really a luxurious buffet. It has a lot of foods to offer. It has different kinds of cuisine. We were there for about 11-2:30. Unfortunately, my tummy gave up before my tongue tasted all the dishes. But, I give it 9 out of ten. However, the lasagna tasted like corned beef. Pfft. The oyster was delightful. If you like sushi- prepared to be in paradise! It was fantastic. I like sushi- my heart died a little.

The dessert was HEAVEN.

One of the many delicious desserts.

THE LAMB. THE LAMB IS COOKED INTO PERFECTION. Too bad, I don’t have a photo.

This photo ended up into a review blog. Sorry, I can’t helped it. I really did enjoy it because I was with them.

I should have also blogged our best day ever. But, I was in cloud nine that I forgot to. But, being part of BESH is one of the best thing that ever happened to me. I love them. I love them so much.


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