These are the moments I wish I belong to another family. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother and brother. However, there are moments, I wish I was born in another set of family. A family full of laughs and love, they may not be rich and can give all my leisure. Do you imagine if I had the family of Chichay, if I belong to the Tampipi family, it would have been a lot better.

I have a whole family but it doesn’t feel like one. just look how my father treats us, he is more fond of other people and waaaaaaaaay kinder them. It seems that he can’t express how much he loves us. We know that he do, but sometimes that understanding is not sufficient. Actions are needed to feel love, words are needed to be heard and more importantly, little things constitute the big things. I don’t need exciting or extravagant. I need assurance, a constant reminder that he do. It is not just some concept taken from the thin air.

My mother, undeniably she is the best. But, of course, she can’t handle everything. My brother, he is sort of clueless in the world and needs a lot of guidance. He is a genius but his interpersonal skills need working, like a lot of work. Often, the choir perceives me as mature but I guess, that’s the product of me being a complement to my immature brother. I mean by immature, as in immature-not meant to be an insult. For crying out loud, he is 26 but he acts as if he is 17. My other friends that sees the real me, saw an dependent and childish, I guess, I am just looking for a strong not crazy father figure.


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