First post of 2014

Hi, I have not been posting much lately and I blame it on the load in my hands. I opt to post the amazing 2013’s stories of joys and everything. However, I was pretty much hugging all the tremendous moments and literally enjoyed every minute of it that I didn’t bother to open the any social sites to  rub it any one’s face. I’m getting talkative about 2013 but this post is about 2014 and my overwhelming excitement simultaneous with anxiety.

As everyone can see, 2014 will be the mend or break year for me. Many major life changing event are bound to happened in a limited time of a year. Should I start off with the first quarter- what? It’s the start of the year, what could possibly annihilate all my calm neurons, I should celebrate for the new year. I should say. Yes, its the year to be thankful for, yet January along with February is my last run for the undergraduate life. I might not be anymore running to be a latin honor but the DL’s honor it quite the catch. Further than that, it’s the time to burn lashes to study for NMAT. I am to take the test by late March to early April to determine my faith in pursuing medicine. As the quarter closes, march takes me to another chapter in my life, my graduation.

Coming from an upper middle class family, graduating is not much of a big fuss. I mean, it is expected for me to graduate on time. I don’t take the graduation ceremony as a big thing. What troubles me and clouds my head is what am I after marching towards my diploma. Often times, I think if I could fight the big harsh world which is the real world. Am I fully equip with wisdom? Is my resume worthy of even scanned by the human resource?

Then comes another thought, my desire to be DOCTOR B. Vergara. NMAT is scheduled for april. I am afraid and anxious if I am really cut out to be even called as medical student. Do I even have enough determination and drive to finish the course and of course, do we even have the kaching-kaching to support my dream. Do not get me wrong but I my whole gut to pursue this, though, sometimes I have back thoughts and doubts. For that reason, I set my NMAT score if should continue or not.

Around the second quarter of the year is another time to figure out if our work was a master piece. Any time by January, one of our professor will be submitting the abstract of our Thesis to Standford. These months will mark their reply if were or not accepted. Moreover, if we were accepted, there would be processing of our visas and as we all know the US embassy isn’t that lenient in allowing visitors in their country.

In that note sets another thought, our batch is “the batch”. The batch of the first board takers of the psychological board board exam. How fortunate, db?. Sarcasm aside, of course, I would be taking the board exam not to waste my four years in the course. I would be taking up NMAT and probably be going to medical school but at least I’m a licensed Psychometrician. Isn’t it amazing?

I just realize that I have a handful of thoughts because I have ambitions of such, I wish to complete them all this 2014. I know the year would be a whirl from all of this. But, I wish for a good year. May the odds be ever in my favor, so is strength, wisdom, determination and hard work. Cheers to a nice career! 😀


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