Awkwardly in love.

I’m afraid to be hurt. You see, I love this guy and I have no, absolutely no reason to be jealous but I am. I afraid that I am not worth it. I’m totally awkward with him. I can’t look him straight in the eyes anymore, like I use to. I think that’s my problem. When I start to fall for someone, I start to get awkward and my actions change. I start to get aloof because I think I am being too flirty but the truth is I am aloof. I have no idea if he likes me or what, but I want to be friend but how can I do that if I am dismissive.


Haayyyyy, gusto talaga kita. but I am awkward. 😦


I can seem to brush off the thought last Monday at practice. I was looking at him. When we met eyes, I immediately turn to another. I want to talk to him but I am not a conversationalist. I want to spend time with him but he seems preoccupied with other things. So, all I do is smile at him. Pathetic and high school-ish. 😦 


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