My first post for Breath-taking! is for my beloved, BFFs, 4!

Yesterday, about 2pm, no actually I arrived 3pm, hehe, my high school bff gathered at SMF. Finally, after a semester of toils and hardships, we have seen each other. First, we spent time in starbucks, because it’s chill place and we could stay as long as we want.

We have gotten cold and we decided to leave the place that gives snow cold feel in our skin. It’s pretty amazing that time swept our feet. For what seemed 30 minutes is actually 2 hours, we spent two hours in that heat forbidding place. We decided to do our thing and sing our hearts out in K-hub.

In K-hub, it seemed that we are that candid 15-yrs-old-people-that-is-fearless-and-worry-free type of people. And, God I miss that. Of course, who would forget to sing our theme song. (Here’s a link) Too bad, that only now, I noticed that me and Freina don’t have a picture together. We really did miss each other. We miss the peculiar sound of laughter, the stories of the most superficial rumors to the most depth corners of emotional life and the bond that quantum physics can’t explain.

After the singing, we ate our dinner at Kenny roger’s (We don’t have picture, we sort of look haggard but still beautiful.). We really did spent time with each other.  We spent the last moments catching up and realizing how time flies and that even mountains and ocean apart, even if we don’t see each other regularly, we are diamonds of each other. We are precious to each other. We are best friends and forever is what we have. Even if we go our separate ways and marry to have our own family, we would always be there for each other. Time and distance only makes us miss each other more. Friends forever.


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