It’s almost midnight and yet again, I am feasted by the worms of my insecurities. Today, I went to school for advisement. I know that I am not that high these sem and it slapped me hard in the face that A and J, possibly T too is whining with their so-called low grades of 4.5 instead of 5. It’s getting on my nerve. I was once a die hard grade conscious and I know how it feels but, god, if your are the one face with those kind of imbeciles when it comes to being egoistic they won first prize. Well, what really burst my bubble is seeing my high school friends in FB. I was better than them way back then and they look up to me. But, seeing their post and the milestone they have achieved over a short period of time, literally, killed my confidence. They seemed far-fetched. I need to be better. I need to excel. I need to perform.


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